ГУМ-Red-Line GalleryAll works

3 Red Square, Moscow
1st Line, 2nd Floor, GUM
Opening hours: Every day 12:00 - 21:00

The Gallery was opened in April 2019, to coincide with GUM-Red-Line — a large-scale contemporary art exhibition.
For two months visitors had the unique opportunity to learn about contemporary Russian art through the works of the
most famous artists. The exhibition was widely covered in Russian and international media.

more than3 500 000people visited the exhibition
in social media
in Russian media
in international media
20 000 000people formed the general audience
of the exhibition

The participants of the art show became the first exhibitors at the new gallery. In the last four years, project curators have been collaborating with the following famous Russian artists on the Contemporary Art on the Cover of BoscoMagazine Project. The artists created original artworks dedicated to the theme of family:


The GUM-Red-Line Gallery occupies a space of 280 SM in the front of GUM. Its windows exit onto Red Square.

GUM-Red-Line is a greatly impressive exhibition where one can see artworks by Aidan Salakhova, Semyon Faibisovich, and Vladimir Dubossarsky. More and more artists worthy of our attention are appearing on the scene. I do hope that their artworks will be showcased more frequenly abroad.Vasili Tsereteli, Moscow Museum of Modern Art Executive Director

Besides the spectacular architecture created by Alexander Pomerantsev, these halls bear an extraordinary historical heritage – this is the actual location of the Henry Brocard Gallery that was opened right here in 1893. The exhibitions of Brocard, a notable Moscow perfume magnate and collector, were displayed for almost ten years and turned GUM – at the time known as the Upper Trading Rows – from a prestigious shopping center into one of the most popular leisure centers for the Muscovites. The concerts and soirées that became quite popular gave a boost to the prestige of the shopping center.

Contemporary art found its place in the Soviet GUM as well: Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexander Rodchenko managed the department store’s ad campaigns at the beginning of the 1920s.

While maintaining the legacy of the past, GUM-Red-Line Gallery is seen as a starting point for the cultivation of a new cultural space, where GUM customers can get an insight into contemporary art.

When one brings together a group of fine artists, one is almost certainly guaranteed excellent results. Still, there is a risk that it is not going to work. GUM-Red-Line boasts an ingenious installation, and I cannot have enough praise for the architects and curators who have completed such a large-scale project, as well as for the artists who treated the project with the utmost seriousness. It is a joy to be at GUM!Olga Sviblova, Multimedia Art Museum Director

For the first time ever, the Cherry Forest Festival showcases Russian contemporary art of the 21st century, artworks that are being created right now. The exhibition is distinct, novel, and large-scale. The visitors at GUM have a unique opportunity to delve into this art scene and discover it in all its variety: all artists taking part in the GUM-Red-Line exhibition have their individual and instantly recognizable style.Edith Kusnirovich, Cherry Forest Festival Executive Director

GUM-Red-Line Gallery presents artworks by contemporary artists working in different genres:

An Expert Committee was founded at the Gallery to select artists, with a focus on Russian and international contemporary artists.

From the very beginning GUM-Red-Line Gallery has been a public platform that allows artists to meet their admirers and establishes a closer connection between art and the viewer. GUM_

I would like to highlight the boldness of GUM: it is constantly broadening our concept of what a department store is. A department store can become a literatury salon, a gallery, a place to meet your friends, the HQ for the Olympic team. This way of thinking is what distinguishes GUM from other department stores and any other institute that is working today in Russia. GUM is creating a creative environment around itself.Victor Loshak, Kommersant Publishing House Deputy General Director

The Gallery holds:
  • open discussions,
  • press conferences,
  • new project presentations,
  • performances,
  • play showings,
  • master classes
    • and other activities.

To a certain degree, we intend to reach out to the urban environment and introduce connoisseurs, as well as regular customers of GUM, to the best pieces of contemporary art. For those who probably do not have a clue about contemporary art, it could become a revelation.Igor Kazakov, GUM-Red-Line Project Director