Aidan Salakhova

Aidan Salakhova

Born in 1964 in the family of Tahir Salakhov and Vanzetta Khanum. Graduate of the Moscow State Surikov Art Institute, academician of the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation, Founder of the First Gallery, one of the first private galleries in Russia, later renamed as Aidan Gallery. In 2012 she closes the gallery and concentrates her effort on her own artworks which had always been a major part of Aidan Salakhova’s world. Her graphical works and sculptures are addressed to those who are ready to meet themselves, look into the world of their inner senses and capabilities, be real. Aidan’s exhibitions take place in London, Paris, Dubai, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Baku. Her artworks are on display at the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), Ekaterina Fund of Culture, François Pinault Foundation, Teutloff Museum, at the XL Gallery; in private collections of I.Khalilov, P.K.Brochet, T.Novikova, V.Nekrasov, V.Bondarenko, and others. Today Aidan spends most of her time at her Carrara workshop.

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