Oleg Kulik:
Irresponsible painting

28 june — 01 august 2019

Irresponsible painting is a new series of artworks by Oleg Kulik. The series will be first presented at the GUM-Red-Line Gallery on Red Square from June 28, 2019 through August 1, 2019.

The series is inspired by the trendy aesthetic of neuron networks.

“A lack of responsibility is a highly individualized, deeply personal choice”, — notes Oleg Kulik. — “It is irresponsible art because there is no future goal that these artworks must help achieve: each painting is a complete statement on its own.” “This is Kulik 5.0”, — emphasizes curator Mikhail Sidlin. — “Kulik 1.0 was a sculptor, 2.0 — a performance artist, 3.0 — a photographer, 4.0 — an opera director, and finally, 5.0 is a painter.”

Seventeen monumental paintings and three sculptures will be on display. All pieces reflect the artist’s fascination with fast-paced work involving traditional materials. Quick clay molding and a broad brushstroke fully attest that Oleg Kulik sees speed as a necessary quality of a contemporary artist.

Neuron networks form a visual symbol of 2019. The pictures that have been achieved through passing the original photos through digital programs had not received a literal adaptation when they were painted on canvas by Oleg Kulik. Each piece discards the individual traits of the original photo and underlines the importance of the collective unconsciousness. The resulting images of political leaders and masses of people seem to be a message from the noosphere that is being presented at the Gallery near the Kremlin. Oleg Kulik acts as a prophet of the Russian soul.


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