Art Battle: Orlitsky vs. Tuzov

24 january — 04 february 2020

On January 24, 2020, the Orlitsky vs. Tuzov exhibition will open at the GUM-Red-Line Gallery. It will be the first public “battle” between two young artists, Max Orlitsky and Ivan Tuzov, working in completely different genres and techniques.

As Hegel once wrote, the main thing in painting is color and the form of space restriction. Max Orlitsky is a painter in the Hegelian sense of the word since he uses color as a primary substance. The form of the painting is also important to him, so he often divides one artwork into several pieces.

Ivan Tuzov is the author of the post-Internet era. He uses pixelated images. Perception, focused on memes and icons, sets the visual paradigm of our time. The new symbolic structures are similar to hieroglyphs. Tuzov’s hieroglyphs are grotesque and ironic.

The austerity of one artist balances the critique of the other. Ivan Tuzov’s works desacralize the sublime Soviet space. The pieces by Max Orlitsky revive the concept of a Painting as spiritual knowledge and a ritual. The works of Tuzov and Orlitsky collide within the space of GUM. The fundamental difference between the two artistic systems is prominently underlined during the art battle.

An art battle is a new type of performance art. A duel involving brushes and paints visualizes competition: two artists fight one other to the glorious end. In the project Orlitsky vs., Orlotsky each time opposes another artist, «improving» the opponent’s work, while the a competitor does the same with Orlitsky’s artwork.

The art battle demystifies art production. The attention of the audience shifts from the object to the subject — from works to their creators. The general public is now allowed to observe the process of painting. The very gesture of applying paint to the canvas is presented to the viewer as artistic.

The exhibition occupies two halls, one of which houses works by Max Orlitsky, and the other pieces by Ivan Tuzov. The art battle will take place on stage during the vernissage. Two works created during the art battle will be permanently exhibited in the gallery after the opening. Three days after the opening, the edited video of the performance will be broadcast continuously on the gallery screen until the end of the exhibition.

Mikhail Sidlin curates the exhibition.

• The grand opening is on January 24, 2020, at 19:00.
• The art battle of Max Orlitsky and Ivan Tuzov will take place on January 24, 2020, from 19:00 to 21:00.
Mikhail Sidlin will be the presenter.
• The curator-led tour of the exhibition will take place on January 31, 2020.
• The exhibition runs until February 4, 2020.

Artists of Art Battle

Max Orlitsky
Ivan Tuzov

Past events

Exhibition works
Head N1, 2016.Max Orlitsky

Head N1, 2016.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 35x25 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Moth N1, 2016.Max Orlitsky

Moth N1, 2016.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 35x25 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Cockatoo, 2014.Max Orlitsky

Cockatoo, 2014.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 67x38 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Moth N2, 2017.Max Orlitsky

Moth N2, 2017.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 24x18 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Catfish, 2017.Max Orlitsky

Catfish, 2017.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 100x80 cm€ 4 000
300 000 rub.
Moth N4, 2018.Max Orlitsky

Moth N4, 2018.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 54x34 cm.€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Firebird, 2015.Max Orlitsky

Firebird, 2015.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 60x39 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
The experiment, 2019.Max Orlitsky

The experiment, 2019.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 65x150 cm€ 5 000
375 000 rub.
Head N4, 2017.Max Orlitsky

Head N4, 2017.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 40x40 cm.€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
TheShepherdess and Her Sheep, 2018.Max Orlitsky

TheShepherdess and Her Sheep, 2018.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 265x280 cm€ 12 000
900 000 rub.
St. Viper, 2020.Max Orlitsky

St. Viper, 2020.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 110x70 cm€ 4 000
300 000 rub.
Chameleon, 2017.Max Orlitsky

Chameleon, 2017.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 110x150 cm€ 6 000
450 000 rub.
Mermaid, 2016.Max Orlitsky

Mermaid, 2016.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 110x110 cm€ 5 000
375 000 rub.
Serena, 2017.Max Orlitsky

Serena, 2017.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 190x130 cm€ 10 000
750 000 rub.
Odette, 2018.Max Orlitsky

Odette, 2018.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 170x330 cm.€ 12 000
900 000 rub.
Leo, 2019.Max Orlitsky

Leo, 2019.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 110x70 cm€ 4 000
300 000 rub.
Moth N5, 2019.Max Orlitsky

Moth N5, 2019.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 40x30 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Teonanácatl, 2017.Max Orlitsky

Teonanácatl, 2017.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 65x105 cm.€ 4 000
300 000 rub.
Purple Martyress, 2019.Max Orlitsky

Purple Martyress, 2019.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 50x35 cm.€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Head N 2, 2016.Max Orlitsky

Head N 2, 2016.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 45х35 cm€ 1 500
112 500 rub.
Eve, 2020.Max Orlitsky

Eve, 2020.
Canvas, acrylic paint. 265х270 cm€ 12 000
900 000 rub.
Love, 2020.Max Orlitsky

Love, 2020.
Canvas, oil. 160x170 cm€ 10 000
750 000 rub.
On a budget, 2013.Ivan Tuzov

On a budget, 2013.
Print, canvas. 105x154 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Lenin in the grave, 2014.Ivan Tuzov

Lenin in the grave, 2014.
Print, canvas. 105x130 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Sekos, 2015.Ivan Tuzov

Sekos, 2015.
Print, canvas. 105x145 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Mickey-lenin, 2014.Ivan Tuzov

Mickey-lenin, 2014.
Print, canvas. 90x130 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Resistance, 2014.Ivan Tuzov

Resistance, 2014.
Print, canvas. 105x150 cm€ 500
45 000 rub.
Change in location, 2014.Ivan Tuzov

Change in location, 2014.
Print, canvas. 100x140 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Secret meeting, 2014.Ivan Tuzov

Secret meeting, 2014.
Print, canvas. 105x150 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Radiance, 2014.Ivan Tuzov

Radiance, 2014.
Print, canvas. 100x180 cm€ 500
50 000 rub.
Wild angel, 2015.Ivan Tuzov

Wild angel, 2015.
Print, canvas. 105x150 cm€ 2 020
151 500 rub.
Lenin by Malevich, 2015.Ivan Tuzov

Lenin by Malevich, 2015.
Print, canvas. 130x145 cm€ 2 020
151 500 rub.
Black Line, 2020.Ivan Tuzov

Black Line, 2020.
Print on canvas, pencil, acrylic paint. 120x150 cm€ 4 040
404 000 rub.
Exhibition photos