Ivan Tuzov

Ivan Tuzov

Born in the Year of the Rat, lives and works in St. Petersburg and Montenegro. Ivan often refers to the genre of "pixel art" where artworks are based on bitmap images – grids of pixels. A square mosaic or a ceramic tile in the artworks of the artist can be presented in pixelized form, while plastic tubes or even a fence board can be seen as a row of pixels. The aesthetics of Ivan's works are familiar to fans of eight-bit computer games. He depicts pop culture characters, historical figures, and social types. It is doubtful that you could come across such characters in, say, Minecraft. In his dog-related artwork, Ivan Tuzov refers to two idols of the art world – Keith Haring and Banksy.

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Art Battle: Orlitsky vs. Tuzov
May a lucky star shine upon you

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