Live Broadcast with Georgy Totibadze

01 may 2020 / 20:00 / online
Event took place as a part of the exhibition:
Live Broadcasts with Artists Series

Georgy Totibadze’s stand was the first to appear at the One Family exhibition in April 2019 and immediately became a hit with the visitors. People enthusiastically photographed with the monumental Forest as the background: the magical, almost 3D-effect of the triptych is as apparent at the gallery as it was a year ago at the exhibition. A year passed since the exhibition, and GUM-Red-Line Gallery hosted the wonderful Totibadze Dynasty. Maximum Sustenance Level exhibition. Georgy, Konstantin, Irina, Nana, Anton Totibadze, as well as Sasha Pasternak and journalist Filipp Dzyadko participated in the event.

Join us on Friday, May 1, at 20:00. Georgy Totibadze will talk about everything that the past year brought him, what is currently happening in his workshop, and how the Totibadze Dynasty is doing today.