Maria Sedyaeva

Maria Sedyaeva

Born in 1994 in Yekaterinburg where she lives and works to this day.
Participant of the main project of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art (2019).

Graduated from the Ural State University (Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, 2006), Ural State University of Architecture and Art (Graphics and Animation Faculty, 2011). Award winner at the Film Test International Festival (Yekaterinburg, 2017), Autumn Film Fest Russian Young Filmmaker Festival (Best Animated Film, Moscow, 2017). Took part in numerous Russian and foreign film festivals, including the 2018 Linoleum International Festival of Experimental Animation and Video Art (Kiev, Ukraine, 2018), Cinema Perpetuum Mobile 2018 Post-Doc Programme (Vilnius, Lithuania), WMAFF International Women Media Arts and Film Festival, etc.

What Am I Doing Here, 2016
Animated documentary
Director, Artistic Director: Maria Sedyaeva
Script: Sabrina Karabaeva

“What Am I Doing Here?” —this is a question that people are bound to be asking themselves over and over again. At a certain moment, one begins feeling that any person is willing to answer this question and stop torturing himself or herself with it. So, we began asking random people in the streets of Yekaterinburg: “What are you doing here?”

Each person has a different understanding of what this question means: some people consider it an existential problem and talk about the meaning of life; some people literally talk about their everyday tasks. In any case, each person has a story that is worthy of being told.

The films that form the What Am I Doing Here Project are filmed as animated documentaries. The viewer hears the words of our heroes but sees stop-motion puppets. This technique allows us to surmount the superficial meaning of the words being said and consider who is speaking them. Each film ends with a jump to the real world, as we encounter our heroes in the flesh.

Cellist. 2016. 4 minutes
Headman. 2016. 9 minutes
Catgirl. 2016. 2 minutes
Slow Dance. 2017. 3 minutes
Tanya. 2017. 5 minutes
Dual Purpose. 2017. 5 minutes
Tomorrow. 2018. 5 minutes
800 times. 2018. 2 minutes

Exhibition participant:

5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art Preview

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