Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov

Anna and Vitaly Cherepanov

Anna was born in 1989 in Kachkanar, Vitaly – in 1990 in Nizhny Tagil.
The couple lives and works in Yekaterinburg.

Participants of the main project at the 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art (2019), participated in the main project at the 4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art (2017) as part of the GKP GROUP. Members of the GKP GROUP (2012–2017), founders of the independent gallery Kubiva (2014–2017, Nizhny Tagil), creator and authors of the SharMirDobro magazine (2016-), founders and organizers of the Kosti auction (2017-). Participated in the work of the Garage Workshops (Moscow, 2019), took part in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including the special project of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art – Stop! Who goes there? (2014), as well as the Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art (2016), and the Taming the Emptiness: 50 years of contemporary art in the Urals exhibition (Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Samara, 2017-2018).

New Ural Toy, 2018
Objects, 16 pieces

The artists are creating and continuously developing the concept of the New Ural Toy, basing their work on traditions yet always keeping in mind the international context. Materials are especially important: brick, wood, papier-mâché, and domestic garbage.

The project was started in 2013, about 10 collections were created as of the present time. Brick toys have special prominence, as this a completely original way of using brick, demanding mastery in handling and painting the material. For this series Vitaly and Anna created brick molds and invited artists from Yekaterinburg and New Tagil to paint the toys. The pieces were later presented at the Kosti auction that was held at the Metenkov House Museum of Photography in 2018. Pieces from the New Ural Toy series have been included in the collection of the Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts, as well as private collections.

At the preview in Moscow, the artists have presented the New Ural Toy that was created with the help of Lyudmila Kalinichenko, Vladimir Seleznev, Anastasya Bogomolova, Mayana Nasybullova, Krasil Makar, Sergey Laushkin, Angelina Kotova, and other collaborators.

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5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art Preview

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