Tour with exhibition curator Marina Fedorovskaya

28 may 2022 / 17:00 / GUM-Red-Line Gallery, 1st Line, 2nd Floor
Event took place as a part of the exhibition:
VDSH 2022: Exhibition of Achievements of Contemporary Artists

Visiting the tour is free, without registration.

The concept of the project is "one gallery - one artist". However, during the exhibition, participating galleries have the opportunity to change their exposition, sequentially showing different artists’ works, and some of the galleries have already changed it!

New participants of the VDSH 2022:

Alisa Gallery / Diana Romanovich
Jart / Egor Fedorychev
pop/off/art / Ivan Simonov
Ruarts / Sergei Borisov

Come see and discuss the updated exhibition VDSH 2022!
See you at GUM-Red-Line!