Premiere of the film by Fyodor Kuryokhin with the artists and curators of The exhibition "Engineers of Art" School: Far-Off Balance.

18 november 2021 / 19:00 / GUM-Red-Line Gallery, 1st Line, 2nd Floor
Event took place as a part of the exhibition:
"Engineers of Art" School: Far-Off Balance

“Educational Film” is a video piece incorporating 1990s documentary materials by Franz Rodwalt. The chronicles were digitized for the first time ever specifically for the “Far from Balance” exhibition. The film also includes recordings about the preparation for the exhibition and artwork installation, as well as interviews with the artists and miscellaneous character moments dating from September 2021.

In many ways, the film, an intimate project for director Fyodor Kuryokhin, is a continuation of the Engineers’ video collage method. It is a collection of precious and incidental moments intuitively linked together in one piece by the creator.

During the event, the audience will see the film, find out about the archive materials and new materials that were not included in the film and were left “behind the scenes,” view some of these materials, and discuss the final artwork with its creators.

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