Public-Talk with Godefroy de Virieu from Hermès

04 march 2020 / 16:00 / GUM-Red-Line Gallery, 1st Line, 2nd Floor
Event took place as a part of the exhibition:
(Proto)Type. Exhibition by Maria and Alexander Pogorzhelsky

Godefroy de Virieu is a creative director of Hermès Petit h, BACSAC co-founder, a sensitive and thoughtful object designer passionate about industrial design and planting. As a graduate of ENSCI, Godefroy de Virieu gives a renewed impulse to craft and industrial productions. He shows their potential through new practices and uses.

Created in 2010 by Hermès family member, Pascale Mussard, as a way to turn unused materials in the brand’s workshops into useful products, Petit h is the newest metier of the famed French house. At the heart of Petit h is sustainability. It is ‘creation in reverse’ as invited artists and designers start by looking at the materials that are available before creating an object. They don’t do specific objects for each country that the Petit h pop-up visits, instead, they select items that have already been made in the workshop. Most of the Petit h products are limited editions.

Petit h will open in Moscow on March 4th and continues to March 22nd at Hermes store in GUM.

At the lecture in GUM-Red-Line Gallery will capture such topic as:
- Creative exchange process between Godefroy and the local team of scenographers, inspiration and idea development behind the project
- General aspect and mission of petit h –creativity in reverse

Moderator: Ekaterina Pavelko, Higher School of Economics, Design Faculty Curator
Speakers: Godefroy de Virieu, petit h creative director. Vitaly Burykin, artists, scenographer.