Press conference: Common Goal Philosophy Project at Cosmoscow.

05 september 2019 / 11:00 / Gostiny Dvor
Event took place as a part of the exhibition:
The Common Goal Philosophy Project. Cosmoscow. Gostiny Dvor

The Common Goal Philosophy is a two-part project: the first part is a group happening organized as an event at the 7th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, it features over 20 prominent Russian contemporary artists; the second part represents a display of the artworks by the participants at the GUM-Red-Line Gallery. The project is themed around space; it demonstrates the importance of gaining understanding about our Universe through philosophy and art. The title of the project relates to the work of Russian philosopher Nikolai Fyodorov who saw man as a part of nature, and each individual person – a part of the cosmos. Gosha Ostretsov asks his colleagues to unite for “a common goal”, inviting them to symbolically represent the unified fabric of the Universe as a piece created by a team of artists. This will evolve into a web of creative exchanges, as well as into a paradigm of universal connections. The theme also relates to the name of the fair — Cosmoscow — which also contains an allusion to space.

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