Serge Golovach

Serge Golovach

Serge Golovach — contemporary Russian media artist

Author and participant of 350 exhibition projects (since 1999). Author of many social art projects: anti-AIDS (2007, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow; 2008, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow; 2008, Stella Art Foundation, Moscow), anti-tuberculosis (2009, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow), anti-cancer (2009, Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk), anti-diabetes (2017, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).

The artist’s works are represented in the following collections: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (2003, 2012), National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow (2003), Centre for Contemporary Art, Vitebsk (2003), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2005, 2009, 2019), State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg (2005, 2012), Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln Museum (2008), Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk (2002, 2009), All-Russian Decorative Art Museum (2014), as well as private collections.

Winner of the Nikon Photo Contest International 2000-2001. Winner of the Best of Russia photography competition (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014). Grant of the President of the Russian Federation (2011). Best Video Art Prize, Autumn Film Festival (2016, 2017). “For the Worthy” Russian Academy of Arts Academic Medal (2018). “For contributions to Russian Visual Arts” bronze medal (2016), silver medal (2020) of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Listed in the Top 100 Contemporary Artists of Russia (InArt, since 2018) and the Best Contemporary Artists of Russia (ARTIX, since 2019)

Author photo: Raul Skrylev

Exhibition participant

Sopromat by Golovach