Roman Ermakov

Roman Ermakov

Born in 1985, lives in Moscow. Studied at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (specialization – engineer/architect). Works in the fields of sculpture, public art, costume, and performance art. Author of the Dancing Axis of the Fifth Dimension project, dedicated to new urban sculptures. The project was presented at the Here, on Taganka Gallery in 2019. Thanks to this project, the artist was nominated for the 1st Moscow Art Prize in 2020 (Visual Art and Architecture section).

Since 2020, installed together with a group of students the Spinning Top sculpture in the Tauride Art Park and the sculpture El Skyscraper in Yekaterinburg. One of the artists who worked on developing the design for a square in Vyksa City that was included in the Best Public Spaces of 2018 rating by the Project Russia magazine. Participated in numerous exhibition projects and contemporary art festivals in Russia and abroad, including the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Moscow, 2020, 2012, 2008), Architecture (Moscow, 2020), Tbilisi Art Fair (Tbilisi, 2019), Innovative Costume in the 21st Century: New Generation (Moscow, 2019), Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Fashion Weekend (Barcelona, 2018), Berlin Alternative Fashion Week (Berlin, 2015), The Pulse of New Russia (Sofia, 2014). Organizes masterclasses on “architectural” costume and sculpture.

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The Red Garden

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