Konstantin Totibadze

Konstantin Totibadze

Born in Tbilisi in 1969 to a family of artists – Nana Kutateladze and Georgy Totibadze. The younger brother of Georgy Totibadze. Graduated from the Moscow Art School in Memory of 1905 and Tbilisi Art Academy (the academy is named for his grandfather – Apollo Kutateladze).

In 1994-1995 Konstantin Totibadze lived in Paris where he began working on a series of still-life paintings. The genre would later become his principal style. Participated in group exhibitions: Space 7 Totibadze Gallery, Moscow (2016), An Ode to Food, PROUN Gallery, Moscow (2015), Phillips Auctions, New York – London - New York (2013, 2014), Art Manege, Moscow (2008, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2000, 1997). Solo exhibitions: Vasisubani, Totibadze Gallery, Moscow (2016), Painting, Аtlas Art Gallery, Moscow (2010), Garden of Eden, VP-Studio, Moscow (2007), Painting, King Gallery, Berkley, USA (2001). His artworks can be seen at the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow) and private collections.

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