Sergey Pakhomov (Pakhom)

Sergey Pakhomov (Pakhom)

Sergey Pahomov ― artist, film and stage actor, musician, and controversial figure known as OLD MAN PAHOM whose whole life has been transformed into an artwork.

Born in 1966 in Moscow. In 1981, graduated from the Krasnopresnenskaya Art School. In 1985, graduated from the Kalinin Moscow School of Arts and Industry. Currently lives and works in Moscow and Berlin. Pahom’s profession cannot be easily explained, save by the word “the artist”: he’s an actor, screenwriter, musician, interior designer, fashion magazine art director, alternative stand-up comedian, and even a mentalist. Pahom gained renown throughout Russia after starring in the underground yet wildly popular and highly memable 1999 Svetlana Baskova film “Green Elephant’ and entering into the finals of the 16th season of reality TV show “Battle of the Psychics.” Pahom’s artworks were showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Vienna, Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Moscow. The artist is frequently featured at the Tretyakov Gallery. Pieces by Pahom are included in the collection of the Saatchi Gallery (London).

Selected solo exhibition: Six Female Portraits Painted with Blood (“Not Here” Gallery. Moscow, 2022)
Alimpiev ― Pahom (with Victor Alimpiev, Ovcharenko Gallery. Winzavod, Moscow, 2020)
Live Water (Regina Gallery. Winzavod, Moscow, 2017)
Charged by Good (Vladey Space. Winzavod, Moscow, 2016)
Heavenly Registry (Triumph Gallery. Moscow, 2013)
Altare (Marat Guelman Gallery. Moscow, 2012)
Red Branch (ArtRaum Gallery, Moscow, 2010)
Yellow (D-137 Gallery. Saint Petersburg, 2009)
Scrawny Master (TsekhV Gallery. Winzavod, Moscow, 2009)
We’re already dead, or Pizdulkin’s listening (D-137 Gallery. Saint Petersburg, 2008)
Four Seasons (with Evgeny Semenov. KulturKontakt Gastalelier. Vienna, 1994)
Sokolov Miniatures (with Evgeny Semenov. Central House of the Artist. Moscow, 1993)

Selected group exhibitions:
Common Goal Philosophy (GUM-Red-Line. Moscow, 2019)
May the Happy Star Shine High Above You (GUM-Red-Line. Moscow, 2019―2020)
Happiness — Main Feature of the Soviet Union (Saatchi Gallery. London, 2012)
Russian Landscape (Marat Guelman Gallery. Moscow, 2011)
Alla Gloria Militar (Aircraft Gallery. Bratislava, 2010)
Duel (Ruarts Gallery. Moscow, 2010)
Art Therapy (State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow)
The Birth of Darwin (State Darwin Museum. Moscow)
Neuve Zwerg (East Side Gallery. Berlin, 1996)
4th International Biennale of Easel Graphic Works “Kaliningrad ― Königsberg 96” (Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts. Kaliningrad, 1996)
Alexander Kharitonov Memorial Exhibition (State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, 1994)
Traditions & Postmodernism (State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, 1993)
Art-Expo (New-York, 1992)
Group exhibition (Natan Fedorovskij Galerie. Berlin, Basel, 1991)
First Erotic Exhibition (Moscow, 1988)
Iris Group (Avant-Gardist Club. Moscow, 1987)
Apartment exhibitions (Moscow, 1985―1986)

Discography: Pahom & VIA REBUS “Crazy Fire 18+” (2021)
Pahom & Zhenya Kukoverov “Eskimos” (2020)
Pahom & Albina Seksova “Microloan” (2020)
Pahom & Vivisector “Arcadia” (2016)
Pahom & Prohor “Kurlyk” (Soyuz; 2013)
Pahom & Vivisector “Moscow» (Zenith/Soyuz; 2010)
Pahom “Life — the Happy Carnival” (Zenith/Soyuz; 2009)
Pahom & Vivisector “Boncha” (Voskhod/Soyuz; 2008)

Selected filmography:
Fairy Tale for the Old (actor, 2022)
There’s No Such Thing as Moscow (actor, 2020)
Bonus (actor, production designer, 2018)
Everything Now (actor, 2014)
Yes and Yes (production designer, 2013)
Mad Copycats (actor, 2012)
Star Worms (actor, 2012)
For Marx... (actor, 2012)
Brief Guide to Happy Living (actor, 2011)
Tent Show: Love & Friendship (actor, 2011)
Bailiffs (actor, 2011)
Mozart (actor, 2006)
Just Us two (actor, 2005)
Head (actor, screenwriter, 2004)
Five Bottles of Vodka (actor, 2002)
Green Elephant (actor, 1999)
Kokki ― Doctor on the Run (actor, 1998)
Mysterious aesthetics of Martian Spies (actor, 1998)
Fandango for Monkey (screenwriter, 1992)

Exhibition participant:

May a lucky star shine upon you

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