Olga Bozhko

Olga Bozhko

Born in 1974 in Moscow. Journalist, stage designer, artist. Graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (2000) and the Institute of Contemporary Art (2010). In 2001 received the Performing Arts Debut Award (Best Scenic Design). In 2010 Olga Bozhko joined the VGLAZ Artist Association. Since 2014 works as a curator at the Zverev Center.

As an artist, Bozhko focuses on the theme of humanity’s existence in the time of rapid development of digital technologies. In her artworks, she explores virtual reality and the Internet, drawing parallels between program technologies and the cognitive function of the brain.

The artist frequently utilizes craft techniques, textile work, knitting. Many of her projects reproduce digital visual images in handmade pieces, for example, textile with stylized pixel art. Several installations reference the standard dashboards of graphic design programs, turning them into 3D objects Solo exhibitions were held at the Galerie Iragui in Moscow (2016), Pushkin House in London with the support of the Galerie Iragui (2015), MARS Contemporary Art Center (2007), Zverev Center in Moscow (2005).

Olga Bozhko participated in the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and the parallel program project at the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Winzavod Contemporary Art Center). In 2015 she took part in the Moscow in the Suitcase exhibition, Les salaisons, Paris (France), as well as the Pink Box Project at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg. In 2016 the artist presented her artworks at the Cosmoscow Fair.

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