Evgeny Muzalevsky

Evgeny Muzalevsky

(b. 1995) is one of the most striking young representatives of the modern Russian art scene. Art critic Andrei Sarabyanov sees in his work the inheritance of traditions from the avant-garde, the post-avant-garde, and the art of the Sixties.

After enrolling at the Rodchenko Art School Muzalevsky wanted to master the art of photography. However, he soon swapped his camera for canvas, paper, pencil and paints, relocating to Sergey Bratkov’s workshop. He is currently continuing his studies under the guidance of German conceptualist Heiner Blum, at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, Germany.

Muzalevsky’s painting is emotional, complex and multi-layered. He constructs personal experiences and impressions to the canvas, using iconic images of culture and religion. Over the years Muzalevsky accumulated his emotional baggage: from childhood in a village near Samara, his transit from Samara to St. Petersburg, to Moscow and Germany. Muzalevsky often gives his paintings poetic names which, ‘like a fit of passion, a phrase torn from a diary, a memory’: “Shadows flying by”, “Let’s build a church from our misfortunes and a hut from our love”, “A seratonin pit on your cheek”.

In October 2021 the Alina Pinsky Gallery staged a solo exhibition by Muzalevsky, and the work ‘And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors’ won the Zverev Art Prize. At the age of 26 this vibrant, original, charismatic and direct artist already featured in significant Russian collections.

Alina Pinsky Gallery

opened in Moscow in the spring of 2017. The Gallery’s 300-meter space is located in the Isakov House on Prechistenka Street – a State historical monument of the early XX century, by a prominent architect Lev Kekushev. The Gallery’s specialisation is Modern & Contemporary art and design. Alina Pinsky Gallery exclusively represents Igor Chelkovski, Michael Chernishov and Evgeny Muzalevsky, and, in addition, works with such artists as Francisco Infante, Vladimir Andreenkov, Alexander Yulikov, Evgeni Dybsky, Tim Parchikov. The gallery's collection also includes works by outstanding Russian artists, the artworks of the Soviet underground, a number of first names in European art and collection design. The Gallery made numerous exhibitions in its own space and one in the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum. Since 2017 the Gallery regularly participates in art fairs in Moscow – ‘Cosmoscow’, ‘Da!Moscow’. Alina Pinsky gallery actively collaborates with museums. In October 2019 three sculptures by Igor Chelkovski, which belonged to the Gallery, were donated and joined the collection of the New Tretyakov Gallery. In September 2021 a 7-meter sculpture by Igor Chelkovski, ‘Red Bouquet’, was bought by the city of Moscow and installed in the Zaryadie Park near the Red Square.

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