Dunya Zakharova (DUZA)

Dunya Zakharova (DUZA)

Born in 1987 in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Lives and works in Moscow. Worked in fashion illustrations, later switching to sculptures and textile artworks. All pieces by Zakharova are notable for the careful work with materials. Her ultimate goal is to ensure the maximum expressiveness of the final work. The resulting images resemble fantastic creatures from fairytales, dreams, and fearful states. Solo exhibitions: Duza, SMALL&CO Gallery, Paris (2008), Extinct species, Osnova Gallery, Moscow (2015), –77,8 °C, Osnova Gallery, Moscow (2017), Hysteria, ART4 Gallery, Moscow (2019). Dunya Zakharova participated in group exhibitions in Paris, Grenoble, Toulouse, France (2009), as well as Moscow (2015, 2016).

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Recycle or die

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