Alexey Alpatov

Alexey Alpatov

Alexey was born in 1968 in Moscow. He didn’t get professional artistic education, trained painting by himself. The artist lives and works in Moscow.

Nature and the city are the main characters in Alexey Alpatov’s paintings, thus is why his favorite genre is the landscape. Despite the fact that the works usually have the features of monochrome cold colors, this beautiful palette, filled the inner glow, forming his unique style. A separate chapter of Alexey Alpatov’s artworks goes with the sea theme, which the artist depicts in various states – from a serene calmness with moored boats on the coast to a night hurricane in the middle of the ocean.

Alexey Alpatov’s painting is disciplined and precise with developed color technique, and it requires cultural reception adequate to the level of its expressive devices. He thematizes color with every overtone of meaning. Alpatov is interested in playing with light and reflections in such a way which might be identified as belonging to the vocabulary of photography (although it found its place there as a result of imitating painting).

Alpatov depicts the most of the urban scenes from the perspective of a driver, not a pedestrian. This technique looks unusual (starting with Pimenov's "New Moscow"), but it is an inevitable consequence of using the photograph as the background of the picture. The series «Full Headlights» is constructed on this principle. Night country roads, brightly and locally illuminated by car headlights, appear in the image of a mysterious reality, where you are always expected some tricks.


is located at the CCA Winzavod, one of the first Russian clusters devoted to contemporary art. It moved there after several years since its foundation in 2005. There was also a branch in Singapore for a short time. The heart and the soul of the 11.12 GALLERY is its founder and owner Alexandr Sharov. Now it’s possible to reveal the corporate identity highlighted 11.12 GALLERY.

In 2020 the digital terminal was launched. In fact it's an online edition of the gallery located at CUBE Moscow as a specific display stand.

One more thing makes 11.12 GALLERY very special, namely a cooperation with regional artists. The gallery focuses on representing the artists from different parts of Russia Omsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kaluga, Tver, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg.

11.12 GALLERY cooperates with the main Russian museums and organizes relevant projects. Besides non-profit projects 11.12 GALLERY cooperates with the organizations in finance and touristic spheres as well as designers and architectural firms.

In portfolio of 11.12 GALLERY are participations in such international art events as Art Central (Hong Kong), DA!Moscow (Russia), CONTEXT Art Miami (USA), Art Miami New York (USA), Moniker Art Fair (USA), Art Wynwood (USA), Art Chicago (USA), Cosmoscow (Russia), Art Kiev Contemporary (Ukraine), Art Tbilisi (Georgia), Art Moscow (Russia), Art Stage (Singapore), Art Beijing (China), Art Manege (Russia), Art Vilnius (Lithuania).

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