Alexandra Gart

Alexandra Gart

Born in 1988, lives and works in Saint Petersburg. Alexandra Gart's work incorporates graphics, installations, and videos. Her artistic practice focuses on the creation of parallel post-apocalyptic worlds - a meditation about the Anthropocene epoch. Turning to the ideas of dark ecology, the artist invites viewers to poetic spaces where living and nonliving things merge. Gart is also interested in artificial lighting and electricity, ascetic artistic means, and the power of visual images made with little apparent effort.

Alexandra is the co-founder of the STYD - an independent art space. A series of Gart’s total installation (Styd, Fail, Resistance is Futile) has been shown there. As a member of the space’s curatorial team, she became the winner of the category ‘Art’(2021) in the ‘TOP 50 Saint Petersburg’s . Most Famous People awards’. She was the nominee for the Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Prize (2021) in the category ‘The Best Visual Art’ with her project ‘Fail’ (2021). In 2013 through 2016, she participated in the international public art festival ‘Art Prospect’. In 2017 through 2019, she successfully showcased her works at the SamFair. She designed Nikolay Oleynikov's book ‘Service to Science’ (2016).

Anna Nova Gallery

Founded in St. Petersburg by Anna Barinova in 2005, and is currently one of the leading galleries in Russia. The gallery actively supports original and innovative interdisciplinary art practices, producing research-based projects and large-scale installations. In the past few years the gallery has expanded its activities and now aims to discover and promote young artists who work with urgent cultural issues and challenges that our society faces today.

Many of these artists are interested in scientific research and their practice stem naturally from contemporary technological developments. They operate on the global scale, pursuing nomadic lives of contemporary agents of culture, introducing local contexts into the international cultural environment.

In order to boost Russian growing art scene, in 2006 the gallery has initiated Nova Art Contest, the aim of which is to discover and support the younger generation of artists.

In addition to the sale of works by contemporary artists and exhibition activities, the gallery performs an educational function by organizing lectures, meetings, workshops and film screenings, creating a platform for communication between artists and curators, professionals, collectors and everyone interested in the development of contemporary art. The gallery's activities also include art consulting and selection of works for corporate and private collections. Part of the gallery space is open for different kinds of events.

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