Alexander Melamid

Alexander Melamid

Born in 1945 in Moscow. Attended the Stroganov Art Institute, where he collaborated with Vitaly Komar. In 1972-1973, the artists created a series of paintings, which began a new artistic style, the Sots Art Manifesto was created. From that time on, Komar and Melamid began to work together, quickly becoming key figures in the cultural life of Moscow. In 1974 the artists played an important role in organizing the Bulldozer Exhibition in Moscow. In 1977 Komar and Melamid immigrated to the United States. They became artists of the famous Ronald Feldman Gallery representing Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys in New York. In 1994 Komar and Melamid created the People's Choice project. In 2003 the art duet broke up.

In 2008 the Museum of Modern Art in Detroit held Melamid's first personal exhibition Holy Hip-hop! And in 2009, the Phillips de Pury auction organized an exhibition of the artist's paintings at the Saatchi Gallery. In 2019 in Chelsea, New York, Melamid launched the new Ministry of Healing by Art project.

JART Gallery for the first time since 1977 organized a personal exhibition of the artist in Moscow. Two projects ‘Russian version of abstract expressionism’ at the art show DA!Moscow and ‘I'm - God!’ at the JART Gallery took place in May 2019. Made during the project ‘I'm - God!’ painting is a snow-white portrait of the artist in full growth.


Was founded in 2008, and during these years it has chosen a unique project approach, which allowed the institution to become a platform both for experimental young artists and for those who have already made world art history.

For each project, the gallery team invites leading curators: Andrey Erofeev, Kirill Svetlyakov, Sergey Khachaturov, Alexander Burenkov, Victor Misiano, etc.

In 2016 and 2018, the gallery carried out landmark research projects in the field of art history: the exhibition of paintings and graphics ‘Strokes to the Avant-Garde’ (curated by Grigory Kazovsky) and the research project ‘5 Centuries of Russian Icons: Traditions and Innovations’ (curated by Alexander Lipnitsky).

Since 2009, JART Gallery has been producing contemporary art exhibitions. The gallery is a multiple participant of the COSMOSCOW fair (2018, 2019, 2020 (Best Stand award), 2021). JART Gallery projects were covered at ARTFORUM and The Art Newspaper London, and were nominated for the Kandinsky Prize and The Art Newspaper Russia.

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