Anton Kochurkin

Anton Kochurkin

Born in Moscow in 1977. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 2001 worked as an architect at the Alexander Brodsky Bureau and also engaged in personal projects. In 2002, the Surgut Art Museum hosted the multimedia exhibition Those Who Saw the Face of Tarn based on the Kholmogorsk treasure trove that is thought to have belonged to the Huns in the 3rd – 4th century. The Potanin Foundation judged the exhibition to be the most avant-garde Russian museum project of the 2000s. In 2002-2007, Anton created several other breakthrough exhibitions for Russian museums: the multimedia installation The Molecule of Leonidov in Moscow, Light Spectacular for the Yegoryevsk Museum, historic hall of the Moscow Food Services Museum. In 2007, Anton presented his first project as a curator: Vertical City at the ArchMoscow exhibition.

Since 2006, Anton was invited by Nikolay Polissky to join Julia Bychkova as the Archstoyanie festival curator. He continues to curate the project. Archstoyanie and the Nikola-Lenivets art park that formed later present the most referential contemporary public art platform in Russia. In just 16 years since the inception of the festival, the art park expanded to become the largest facility of its kind in Europe and earned many prizes, including Golden Ratio, as well as contemporary art awards, such as the Kuryokhin Prize Grand Prix. More than 200 contemporary artists and architects participated in Archstoyanie over the past years.

In 2011, Anton established the architectural project group 8 Lines which strives to create public spaces and architecture based on the conceptualization of the basics that form the traditional goals of all professional architects. Later on, 8 Lines expanded its activities to include complex site development projects.

In 2017-2019, OMK Uchastie Charity Foundation invited Kochurkin to head the curator group of the Art-Ovrag Festival. Over three years of Anton’s curatorship, the festival published the manual on joint projects Create Your Own City, produced the opera Martin Passions with director Anna Abalikhina who was awarded the Innovation Prize Grand Prix in 2019.

At the end of 2019, Anton produced together with Julia Bychkova and director Yuri Kvyatkovsky under the initiative of Alexander Lebedev the opera Mystery of High Pressure at the ChZEM factory. The work presented the path to the revitalization of the factory as a new creative organism.

In 2018-2021, Kochurkin and 8 Lines actively participated in the restructuring of public spaces in small Russian cities under the MINSTROY program. In four years, 3 projects were implemented. 4 projects are to be completed shortly in various Russian cities.


Красный сад (вместе с Мариной Федоровской)
Николай Полисский. Русская античность